Jan 102015
Overall Rating Not Rated

Newest release of their excellent KDE distribution, which has moved to KDE 4.14 and fully integrates KDE Wallet automatically at login, which may bring mixed reactions for some of you. Resource usage and overall performance are about the same, and overall I didnt have any issues with it while testing, at least so far. I do wish they had a smaller image for those who dont have faster internet connections.

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Jan 012015

Distroratings.com hopes you have a great new year and that all your hopes are realized. We will try to continue posting news and help for those of you interested in, or looking towards switching to Linux/open source.
My hope is this will be the best year ever for open source, and at some point, we will move beyond the proprietary issues we’ve dealt with for so long.
Please join us, as we move into the new year and become a member and contribute to the site. Its your chance to help the site grow, and make a difference promoting open source/Linux.
Any questions feel free to contact us.

Dec 242014
Overall Rating Not Rated

This will be the last legacy version of PCLinuxOS, as they will be moving to Grub 2 and UEFI/GPT support in the new version.
If you’ve been using PCLinuxOS all along, all you need to do is update your system to get these versions. I tend to download these newer versions, just in case I need to reinstall and I can start with the newer version to avoid so many updates. They offer a KDE/LXDE/MATE/Full Monty version, in 32/64 bit. The install is one of the easiest you’ll ever experience from a distro, and all drivers are installed without any intervention, as it defaults to proprietary drivers. You can download and read more here, www.pclinuxos.com

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Dec 122014
Overall Rating

The newest version of Fedora has released and has been broken into three versions,Server/Cloud/Workstation, all based on GNOME 3.
They also offer Spins,customized versions offering KDE/LXDE/MATE/XFCE, plus a few others. Ive already installed the KDE version which Im typing on,and the default kernel, after I updated using the Fusion repositories, is 3.17.6, and the KDE version is 4.14.3.
The install sizes are under 1GB, so its a very reasonable download for those of you with slower connections. In use, the differences between Fedora 20 and 21 are slight, and nothing has been lost performance wise. I did notice the bootup speed was a bit slower, but nothing major. Ive also run the MATE and LXDE versions in live session and in particularly the MATE version was very nice, but again if your using Fedora 20 you’re not missing much. Overall a great release and definitely worth a look if you like excellent performance and aren’t put off by the cutting edge aspect of it. www.fedoraproject.org

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Dec 062014
Overall Rating

Its rare that I run into a Linux distribution, that so perfectly meets my needs and I believe the needs of others. Linux Lite is that kind of OS and offers a range of features, that are not only very friendly to beginners, but make the lives of experienced users that much easier. Installation was easy and fast, plus the software update notifier alerted me immediately to needed updates.
They also have a install update application that is a one click script that completely updates your system very quickly. Makes it easy to stay up to date, particularly for newer users, but Synaptic is also there if you need it.
A welcome screen pops up after login, which most of you will disable, but novices will find the overall information helpful. They also include a Lite Cleaner, which allows you to remove unneeded files and temporary cache items, its easy to use and very safe. System information app is included, as well as a resource usage app.
The download size was 740mb, which is great for many of you with slower conections, yet it still has a decent number of default apps included. I added Wine,PlayOnLinux,LibreOffice,Thunderbird,Midori,HPLIP and LXsession edit. One of my favorite apps was install additional software, as it reminds me of the EasyLife project with Fedora. Its a large list of well known apps, that allows you to make a single click to install, fast and easy. I used it to install quite a few apps like the restricted extras package, Clementine and more codecs. For beginners it makes adding software as easy as possible.
Resource usage was amazing with 147mb at idle and here on site a mere 241mb, so this will run on much older hardware without issue. Im typing on a Pentium D 3.4ghz system with 2gb of ram, which is close to ten years old and performance is very quick.
I tried Youtube videos running at 720P and performance was also good, with no issues on a variety of websites.
The overall appearance of the distro is excellent, as the Whisker menu is easy to use and they give you a nice assortment of wallpapers and themes, but more are available.
The fact that Linux Lite 2.2 is based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, means you’ve got a very long support period, and access to the Ubuntu repos, so there’s no problem finding whatever you need.
The devs at Linux Lite really did listen to their supporters and have created one of the best Linux distros Ive used in quite some time, and I hope youll give it a try- www.linuxliteos.com

Dec 012014
Overall Rating

Newest version of Linux Mint has released, based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and utilizing the MATE/Cinnamon desktop environments.
The MATE version comes with two window managers, Marco the default and Compiz which is better known among most Linux users.
Both distributions have a wide array of applications and are easy to install and update, a plus for everyday users.

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Nov 142014
Overall Rating

RoboLinux, is a Debian based distribution, thats beginner friendly, with a pre-configured Virtualbox, that can run Windows seamlessly, alonside RoboLinux. If you need to run specific Windows applications or a version of Windows alongside Linux its an ideal choice. My only complaint is the 2gb+ download, which isnt friendly to

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Oct 232014
Overall Rating

Newest release of Ubuntu, that’s supported for nine months. It includes Linux kernel 3.16, LibreOffice 4.3, Xorg 1.16, Firefox 33, Chromium 38, GTK 3.12 and Qt 5.3. Its a very reasonable download size, so be happy those of you with slower connections. Improvements of course have been made to many aspects of Ubuntu, including Unity and AppArmor.

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Oct 172014

Many say optical media is dead, but in my experience I dont agree. I use live cd/dvds all the time and not just on legacy systems.
I’ve had issues at times with newer systems,trying to get USB sticks to boot with Linux. Sometimes it’s a hardware issue and sometimes its how the USB stick was setup and the quality of the image. For this reason, I always carry my portable drive and disks, to handle these eventualities. At home, I use nothing but live cd/dvd images for my main systems, as well as my test systems. It also allows me to share copies with friends and customers, who find it easier and more compatible. It’s not that I dont like USB sticks, as I use them all the time, but they do have limitations. Depending on the distro, the methodology for creating a USB stick live image doesn’t always work that well or occasionally isn’t an option.

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